Client Feedback

“RevMAX Hospitality helped us identify strategies, developed customized tools and mobilized our team to embrace and implement these new solutions. The result of these changes has been a substantial increase in top-line revenues with highflow-through contributions.”

Owner, Monarch Hotels, WV

 “Nagib has a unique combination of instinctual talent,creativity, knowledge and experience that leads to his abilityto generate revenue producing projects. I have personally experienced the true value he brings to Hotel Owners and Operators through project specific innovative ideas and careful guidance.”

President, Design Force Corporation, CO

 “Browning has used Nagib’s services on a number of occasions. We have always found his work to be efficient and effective and it has been a true pleasure to work with him. Nagib’s extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry was invaluable to us in our pursuit to develop a hotel in downtown Evansville, Indiana. The service and personal attention we received from him was exceptional. He provided me with the institutional and local knowledge I needed to complete a through financial analysis of the project. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Nagib and we will certainly be calling on him again as the need arises at Browning.” 

– Kim D. Reeves, Vice President, Development Services, Browning Investment, IN

 Nagib was very helpful to the Browning organization in our pursuit of a downtown located hotel operation. Services included pro forma analysis, brand identity, equity sourcing and franchise communications. Nagib was very responsive to our requests and made a point of providing a quick turnaround in terms of information. Nagib is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to pursuing the next opportunity with him 

– James W. Browning, Vice President Real Estate Development, Browning Investments, Inc., IN

 Right from the start, we were impressed with Nagib's efficient approach. We knew we had partnered with a true leader in hospitality who is focused on working along with owners for their best interest. Nagib's immense knowledge of the hotel industry brought effective and measurable results for us. Not only did he increase revenues from untapped sources, he was able to help maximize revenues from all channels. I can say with confidence that REVMAX stands true to it's name.
-Renu Sikand, Owner, Happy Hotels, CA

“As a hotel owner and manager, I welcome Nagib’s insight and communications about our industry which keeps my management informed about what is going on in our industry. With all of the information available out there, it is almost impossible to see it all, and Nagib seems to sort out the most pertinent information for revenue generation and sales strategy. He is probably the most “connected” person I have ever encountered in our business.”

– Steve Bader, President, United Hospitality Resources Mgt., Inc.

 “Nagib has a unique insight to the hospitality industry as it relates to operations with special talents in revenue management and cost containment.”

– Patricia Halter, Director, Revenue Management Services, Best Western International

 “I have worked with Nagib as business colleague in the tourism and lodging industry in Snohomish County, Washington for many years. I have served on committees with Nagib and have seen his professional, strategic and focused mind at work! I would recommend Nagib to other tourism and lodging industry colleagues and would be happy to provide more detail as necessary.”     

– Amy Spain, Executive Director, Snohomish County Tourism Bureau

 “I have had the pleasure of working closely with Nagib on a number of projects. His extremely time follow-through, ability to handle the most difficult of people situations, and his deep analytical ability made him an excellent collaborator on these projects. When you need someone on your team who will get the job done, no matter the odds, you can count on Nagib!” 

– Karim Ismail, Owner, Eighty20

"Nagib is an inspiring catalyst for positive organizational change. His steady hand, clarity of vision, and wise leadership throughout the planning and execution of initiatives makes it a pleasure to collaborate with him. Add to that tireless energy, patience and productivity even under pressure — let's just say that after four intense collaborations in each of the last four years, another call to team with Nagib would get an enthusiastic, "Absolutely!". 

      – Assad Ebrahim, Director of Operations, BioSonics, Inc.