Owner’s Perspective

What are the benefits of utilizing RevMax Consulting? A very valid question – after all, you’ve operated and grown successfully over the years.

If you are an owner, engaged in hospitality as your primary activity, you may recognize one, or more, of the following characteristics:

  • you have a select few key team members who have grown with you over the years – perhaps including some family members
  • have modified various operating systems and processes over the years – effective but perhaps not synergized
  • utilize several reporting platforms and multiple property management systems – many reports but not enough clarity across all assets
  • operate a sales team but would prefer a more defined structure, strategy and performance metric – more tangible accountability
  • want a more pro-active and anticipatory sales culture, ready to capitalize on opportunity and less reliant on incoming inquiries – actively developing the right markets
  • recognize the opportunity for greater operational efficiencies – just haven’t been able to identify/spare the resources to get the job done
  • you have a budget – it is used more by the accounting department than the stakeholders – you want a management performance strategy and tool, not simply numbers

If you have other interests, you may recognize the above characteristics and also want

  • more visibility into your organization so your sources of information are more broad based – to be able to make more reliable decisions
  • to benchmark your enterprise performance, both revenues and costs, against industry and more comparable benchmarks.
  • A more reliable forecasting process – and a proactive response mechanism throughout the year

If any of the above scenarios ring true for you, RevMax can help you with practical responses.