Exit Strategies

Families and partner hotel groups have special needs and considerations – they have to be tailored to changing circumstances and are dependent on the skills and interests of the vested individuals rather than a predetermined and more corporate structure.

The needs of the owner/s and portfolio status may include

  • Changes in family dynamics and needs
  • Changing environment and neighborhoods around one/some hotels
  • Increases in supply
  • Change in demand generators
  • Brand upgrade requirements
  • Repositioning opportunities to a more suitable brand
  • Property age
  • Acquisition and/or development opportunities
  • Inheritance and succession planning considerations

Results are best realized within the framework of a strategic and anticipatory plan; whilst partnerships are governed by the agreement of its partners, families may operate on a different dynamic. RevMax Hospitality Consulting Services has developed a specialty skill and experience in working with families and can assist in the discussions and plans to formulate a prudent and practical outcome.