Practical Outcomes

As an owner, engaging RevMax Hospitality Consulting Services will result in:


  • We’ll introduce and implement a suite of intuitive and practical tools that inform, educate and empower your team to make smart, effective decisions.


  • Work with your team to develop customized solutions that build on your existing resources, maximizing in-house skills and operationalizing work plans for measurable results.


  • Identify the most profitable market mix for your properties – then marketing creatively and affordably to build reliable base segments from within your market.

A successful REPOSITIONING of a hotel in your portfolio will result in:

More Predictable Revenue: 

  • Positioning your hotel for the right market mix for stability.

Dependable Client Base:

  • Modifications tailored to the needs of your clients add value and build loyalty

Asset Value:

  • Incremental revenues generate the highest flow-through profits – and higher valuation.


an incremental $135K in revenues translates to an additional $100K in House Profit

$100K in incremental House Profit, at 10% Cap, delivers a $1m valuation gain.


A successful SALES AND MARKETING strategy for your portfolio will result in:

Active & Engaged Selling:  

  • A productive and effective sales effort targeting stable and profitable clients.

eMarkets: Strong presence on all electronic channels:

  • Establish a strong e-commerce strategy for the most profitable incremental revenues, 24/7

On-Site Property Sales:

  • A motivated Front Desk, your nerve center, driving incremental revenue & delivering on guest expectations.

A successful and engaging REVENUE & EXPENSE MANAGEMENT process will lead to:

Maximized Revenue Streams:  

  • Transparency & confidence in the measures taken to maximize revenues – you’ll know and the team will understand why and how.

Reliable Budgeting and Cash Flow Management:

  • Consensus targets based on intelligent expectations, a team motivated and incented to realize goals through planned execution.

Clear Accountability:

  • Clear objectives for each department, tools to track and measure performance, incentives to reward specific results.

A successful WORKOUT PLAN is designed to achieve:

Asset Retention:  

  • Secure your asset with a plan to manage debt through the challenges of the current marketplace.

Staff and Key Personnel:

  • Retain key staff through the workout plan.


  • The security of a plan that provides for a clear strategy, concrete responses, action plans and defined outcomes may be exactly what you and the lender need